The Lady & The Cat
 Konzertkritik "The Lady & The Cat" über das Konzert im Franz.K in Reutlingen, 2016
  Radioportraitsendung auf Bayern4Klassik, "überirdisch obertönig", März 2016, HIER zum nachhören!

Supersonus - ECM- Album available HERE!
 In the meanwhile: here you can listen to our full concert recording from Supersonus @ Europäisches Kirchenmusikfestival 2017.
Radioportraitsendung von Wolfgang Hamm, "Soundworld Supersonus" im WDR, Februar 2015, HIER zum nachhören!





artists & overtones:


thanks a lot to Hartmut von Voigt, who tought me so much about music, art and overtone singing technique!

thanks to Wolfgang Saus, who developed a lot in the overtone singing techniques and collected a lot of information on his website. His tutorial DVD "the overtone workshop" (with english subtitles) is available >> here and >> here is an overview about all existing compositions for overtone singing.


thanks to Bodo Maass who created the Overtone Analyzer as a fantastic learning tool for overtone- and classical singing; together with Wolfgang Saus.


thanks to Matthias Privler, classical and overtone singer & conductor of "Obertonchor München"


Stuart Hinds, who wrote a lot of wonderful and complex compositions for polyphonic overtone singing and overtonechoir.


Christian Zehnder, a very creative and virtuos (not only overtone-) singer. He's one of my biggest musical inspirations.


on Steve Sklar's page you'll find a lot of information in english about overtone singing and also about the tuvan and mongolian techniques.


Hosoo, concerts and workshops in traditional mongolian music and overtone singing techniques.


Overtone Music Network - a common space for harmonic overtones




some more active western style overtone singers & teachers:


Miroslav Grosser, Jan Stanek, Jan Heinke, Filip Rydlo, Bernd Michael Sommer, Roberto Laneri, Tran Quang Hai, Raffaele Schiavo, Julia Renöckl, Natascha Nikeprelevic, David Hykes, Baird Hersey, Lothar Berger, Claudia Matussek, Barbara Lübben, Kirsten Kluin, Johannes Lind, Daniel Pircher, Rollin Rachele, Jonathan Cope, Skye Lofvander, Gösta Petersen, Bernhard Mikuskovics, Gisberg Schürig, Jens Mügge, Peter Gabis, Cora Krötz, Christian Bollmann, Christian Hack, Kiva Simova, Oliver Zunker, Michael Reimann, Chris Amrhein, Werner Worschech, Reinhard Schimmelpfeng, Andreas Stahel, to be continued.