concert dates

Due to Corona all concerts of 2020 are cancelled or moved to 2021.

The concert at ION Festival Nürnberg was filmed and streamed, watch the concert HERE.

The concert “Blind Date” in Stuttgart is happening, info HERE


March 27, solo concert at Orgelkraft Festival, Stavanger, Norway

April 24: Concert with Junger Kammerchor Lucente, Inga Brüseke, Christian Elin, Munich, Germany

May 9th: program “Europe” with Garchinger Pfeifer, Garching bei München, Germany

May 15: Soloconcert at Die Moserei, Scharnstein, Austria

June 26: Solo performances at ION, ION-Nacht, Nürnberg, Germany

June 27: Concert with Supersonus @ ION Nightflight, Nürnberg, Germany

July 9th: Soloconcert at “blind date” concert series in Stuttgart, Germany

July 10: open general rehearsal as soloist together with Kammerchor Stuttgart, Germany

July 15-18: concert as as soloist with Kammerchor Stuttgart @ World Symposium on Choral Music, Auckland, New Zealand

August 25: 7pm Concert with Sjaella @ Acapella Festival Schwerin, Germany

September 13: Concert with Sjaella in Leipzig, Germany

November 20: Concert with Christian Elin @ Greifenberger Institut, Germany – moved to 2021, date will be published soon –


March 28: Supersonus in Romanshorn, Switzerland

April 14: Canticles of Now at Brucknerhaus Linz, Austria

April 24: Concert with Supersonus @ Lange Nacht der Alten Musik, BR, Nürnberg, Germany