concert dates


March 27, solo concert at Orgelkraft Festival, Stavanger, Norway

April 24: Concert with Junger Kammerchor Lucente, Inga Brüseke, Christian Elin, Munich, Germany

May 9th: program „Europe“ with Garchinger Pfeifer, Garching bei München, Germany

May 15: Soloconcert at Die Moserei, Scharnstein, Austria

June 26: Solo performances at ION, ION-Nacht, Nürnberg, Germany

June 27: Concert with Supersonus @ ION Nightflight, Nürnberg, Germany

July 9th: Soloconcert at „blind date“ concert series in Stuttgart, Germany

July 10: open general rehearsal as soloist together with Kammerchor Stuttgart, Germany

July 15-18: concert as as soloist with Kammerchor Stuttgart @ World Symposium on Choral Music, Auckland, New Zealand

August 25: 7pm Concert with Sjaella @ Acapella Festival Schwerin, Germany

September 13: Concert with Sjaella in Leipzig, Germany

November 20: Concert with Christian Elin @ Greifenberger Institut, Germany


March 28: Supersonus in Romanshorn, Switzerland

April 14: Canticles of Now at Brucknerhaus Linz, Austria

April 24: Concert with Supersonus @ Lange Nacht der Alten Musik, BR, Nürnberg, Germany