The LAMBDOMA is a musical sculpture built by the austrian artist Josef Baier.
It is based on the ancient Lambdoma Matrix which is is attributed to the philosopher Pythagoras (500 bc).

  • Please contact me for details if you’re interested to invite LAMBDOMA to your music festival or art gallery!

Josef Baiers Lambdoma is made out of a combination of four Lambdoma Matrixes that are arranged together as rectangle, forming a dome that can be entered by the performer as well as by the listener. It consists out of 256 tubes that are up to 3 meters long and are perfectly tuned in pure harmonic overtone – and undertone series.

For me, Anna-Maria Hefele, it was an incredible and very touching experience to work with LAMBDOMA. My ongoing overtone singing practice (since 2005) allowed me to find precise and intuitive orientation within the tonal Lambdoma structure, knowing exactly where to expect which note in the system and how they are related to each other. This enabled me to connect deeply in a very joyful way with this wonderful instrument!

music, audio recording & mix: Anna-Maria Hefele

video: Thomas Radlwimmer

LAMBDOMA built by Josef Baier:

recorded at Studienkirche St. Josef, Burghausen