Supersonus – The European Resonance Ensemble (ECM)

Anna-Maria Hefele | overtone singing
Anna-Liisa Eller | kannel
Eva-Maria Rusche | harpsichord, square piano
Marco Ambrosini | nyckelharpa
Wolf Janscha | jew’s harp

>> Rosary Sonata | H.I.F. Biber
>> Ritus | Wolf Janscha

Contrasts, dissimilarities and musical extremes are not perceived as a conflict in SuperSonus, but experienced and expressed as a deeply underlying power of their music. They see themselves as bridge-builders, from a cultural and also from a musical point of view. On the traces of well-known themes and ostinati SuperSonus lead their listeners through wide times and spaces, full of colourful dream images and layers of timbres. They combine indian rhythms with energetic Baroque splendor, nordic melancholy with jazzy harmonies, african patterns with Renaissance drinking songs, rhythmical ambiguity with appealing, catchy melody, trance-like ecstasy with oriental delicacy, dark depths with brightly glimmering sound clouds.

“Ensemble Supersonus applies its unique instrumental blend, capped by the otherworldly overtone singing of Anna-Maria Hefele, to very wide-ranging repertoire.”